Oilive You (Unscented)

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Our cold process soap handcrafted using Castile Olive Oil and Goats Milk, that aims to moisturize skin and deep cleanse thoroughly.

Made traditionally from olive oil, castile soap is a non-toxic, biodegradable soap that is free of synthetic ingredients and animal fats.

Containing a rich anti-inflammatory compound Oleocanthal, castile soap can lessen inflammation that ease psoriasis, dry sensitive skin and eczema. The high amount of antioxidants like vitamins A and E promote protection against degeneration of skin cell.

Goats milk keeps skin supple and moisturized while providing gentle yet deep cleansing through the rich content of fatty acids. Also, the lactic acid in goats milk aid in removing impurities, allowing the squeaky clean and glowing appearance of our skin.

Suited for users with Eczema, Dry & Sensitive Skin.


  • Saponified Olive Oil (Olea Europaea)
  • Goat’s Milk

Approx 100g

* Item does not contain alcohols, detergents, filler wax, SLS & SLES, gluten, paraben and petroleum derived products.


10 in stock