At, we handcraft cold process natural soaps which are 100% made in Singapore. Our soaps are bare of packaging and bare of synthetic additives.

Founded with the primary objective to encourage the avoidance of single-use hand/body/hair wash plastic bottles that we trash or recycle after 1-2 months of use, we hope to open up more people to the goodness of a natural bar of soap and in the process, chip in to extend the lifespan of Semakau landfill.

Each piece of is made using only natural ingredients – 100% pure carrier/essential oils and natural additives, with no synthetic chemicals or artificial colouring added to make the soap lather more, look prettier or smell nicer. Unlike commercial body wash which are essentially detergent, a cold process soap retains all the natural glycerin produced in the saponification process to keep skin moist. soaps are produced in small batches or on demand. Here, we focus on the philosophy that LESS IS MORE. Customisation of any of our recipes to for example, totally omit essential oil for sensitive skin types is possible for purchases above 10 bars. Start a conversation with us here (or email us at mynakedbar [!at] and we will see if we are able to meet your needs.

**Do note that natural soaps require 4-6 weeks of curing before they can be used, so if you are planning for an event, please reach out at least 2 months in advance.

my naked bars:
bare of
– Paraben
– Palm
– Preservatives
– Alcohol
– Synthetic fragrance
– Artificial colouring
– Animal Cruelty
– Packaging

Mostly vegan (no animal lard tho beeswax/honey may be added for specific formula)

Let’s work together to say NO to single-use plastics for our planet and YES to the goodness from a bar of natural soap.

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