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Delivery Policy

WeSprouts Marketplace is not responsible for any of the products, deliveries and dispatching.

All orders are sent to you directly by the seller, if any problems occur with the delivery you should contact the seller(s) directly. Once a seller has dispatched your item you will receive an email confirmation with an expected dispatch date.

Please note items may be dispatched in more than one package, and will not necessarily arrive at the same time because if your purchase is from different seller(s) every seller(s) will send you their products with their own delivery times and rules.

If you want more information about delivery for a product that you’ve already ordered, please get in touch with the seller(s) directly. You can do this by using the contact link on your order confirmation email.

Very occasionally, unavoidable factors can delay a parcel. If this happens the seller(s) will let you know. We do ask for your patience if this happens and you can rest assured we’ll be doing our best to fix it for you. Once your order is on it’s way, the seller(s) will be in touch again to let you know when you should expect it.

Return & Refund Policy

The Seller(s) terms and conditions will apply to any refunds and returns of items. If you would like to return an item, you should contact the Seller(s) directly using the ‘contact seller’ function button that can be found on their profile or on the Order history section of your Account. The Seller(s) will tell you how to return the item and where to send it. Always obtain proof or a postage receipt for any items you send back, as the return of the item is your responsibility at least that the return/refund policy of the seller(s) say the opposite.

If you require any additional information about the returns policy of your Seller/Sellers, you should check their Seller(s) Store profile, policy for details of their terms and conditions or contact the Seller(s) directly through our site. Do not give out any personal sensitive information that could put you at risk.

In the event that you receive an item that is damaged, defective or not as described by the Seller(s) you must immediately contact the Seller(s) and let them know exactly what the problem is. You must comply with the Seller(s) return policy in order to be eligible for any possible refund from Seller(s).

Since we are not a party to the contract of sale between the Buyer and the Seller(s), we are not responsible for any obligations on, or warranties made by the Seller(s) under the contract or any Applicable Laws that govern the contract between the Buyer and the Seller(s).

Any complaints and/or questions with respect to a sale transaction should be directed by you to the Seller(s).

In the event of a refund from the Seller(s), the amount will be refunded in accordance with the payment methods used to complete the purchase. In our case the method of payment used is through PayPal. Refer to PayPal’s Refund Policy if this even is to occur.

If you encounter a serious problem with you’re Seller/s with respect to the fulfillment of their obligations resulting from the sale contract please refer to the method of payments policy. In our case the method of payment used is through PayPal. Refer to PayPal’s Refund Policy if this even is to occur.

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