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What WeSprouts’ Farmers Marketplace Do

We connect buyers and sellers of natural, organic, handmade or environmentally sound products in Singapore. Essentially, the good stuff is right here.

We find and curate the best suppliers, artisans and makers of handmade, vintage, natural or organic products available in Singapore that you normally won’t find on the high street. If you care about how things get made and what’s in them or wish to support the local growers, brewers and artisan community, we bring you products created by local producers made with care.

We promote small craft sellers, artisans, micro product makers, as well as more established brands. Our sellers manage their shops and sell their products on our platform independently, so they keep their business how they want it and customers get a truly personal service.

You will be able to find in our e-commerce online farmers marketplace products ranging from Health & Beauty, Food & Drink, Home & Garden, Baby & Child, Handmade & Vintage and Pet Care products.

Why We Care about Sustainability and Environment

We want to make it easy for Singaporeans and people in Singapore to find and discover the good stuff made by local talents and producers. We want everyone to be able to choose products that have less environmental or carbon impact since its made locally thus minimizing the need for distance travelling or importation from overseas.

Our aim is to connect people with the best suppliers, brewers, bakers and makers of natural, organic or handmade products available in Singapore, share their stories and help independent small and large sellers, artisans and businesses to grow.

Our passion is for our planet and for the local community in Singapore. We believe that by promoting makers and producers in Singapore, local consumers will find, discover and support the producers and artists in Singapore. With better products, it will be easier for everyone to live well and care for each other, the environment and the natural world. Why not?

By supporting the local artisan, natural and organic growers and farmers in Singapore, we can promote its benefits and support Singapore and wider issues that also mean a lot to us.

Our market isn’t going to save the world. But it might help in a small way to increase awareness of local talents, growers and sustainability. And that’s GREAT for us.

WeSprouts Farmers Marketplace Mission

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    To be an ethical business, taking small steps to a better, healthier planet.

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    We provide a trusted place where unique products created with care for ingredients, and for the environment can be easily found.

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    We connect and promote the people who make and sell natural, organic and artisanal goodies to a growing market of conscious and caring buyers in Singapore.

About WeSprouts Beginnings

Founded in 2019, a small Singapore based company called ‘WeSprouts’ was born with the aim of making it easier for consumers to find and connect with sellers of natural, organic, eco-friendly and artisanal products.

We hope to work with local growers, farmers, makers, artisans, communities and businesses to make cleaner and greener products more readily available to everyone.

With that idea in mind, WeSprouts created an online farmers marketplace based in Singapore where people could buy and sell natural, organic produces and artisanal items. Growers, artisans and producers in Singapore can list their products online for sale to like-minded consumers and contribute to a cleaner, healthier, sustainable planet for everybody and support the local makers communities.

Sell With Our Online Shop

Do you have a natural product? Are you a local artisan that makes handcrafts and you want to get it to market? We’d love to hear from you. If you have good quality images and descriptions of your products ready, you can fill in our online application and start your online store with us in no time. Check out how your storefront can look like with our sample storefront here. If you want to find out a bit more, just get in touch with us.

How We Help Our Local Community

A local grower, producer or artisan can make an easy online application to sell with us and start their online store immediately. Once ready, you can start listing your products online and this is when we check the ‘goodstuff’ credentials.

Once registered, Sellers can create their shop profile and upload their products online for selling. It’s that simple. As long as you are not a spammer or fake seller with no products listed, we welcome you to our community.

We look after everybody and take care of promotion and marketing while you simply concentrate on doing what you do best, producing the good stuff!

For our customers, there’s no more endless searching for who stocks what, where and hoping that that talented artisan or local producer can still be found at the next farmers market. If you know of a local producer or handcraft maker, help them along by introducing them to our online marketplace to list their products. Sellers can list their products online for free and consumers can stop running around. If we have it, trust us, it’s good. Consumers are also encouraged to review the sellers for other consumers benefits.

We continually promote all WeSprouts.com’s sellers and products to our customers thru multiple advertising channels. We have a growing loyal customer base, not just because we have fabulous products, but we will also send out newsletters on lifestyle articles, health tips, recipes and nature, and environmental features. Feel free to subscribe to our newsletter below.

WeSprouts.com, we are more than an online marketplace.

List Your Events with Us

At WeSprouts, we are more than a marketplace. Not only do we sell the good stuff, we also promote local events in Singapore. If you are an event organiser or you have an upcoming event (free or paid) that you wish to share with everyone, feel free to list your event with us. Our community is constantly looking for local events to support and discover.

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